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Stromal-epithelial interactions regulate tissue development and homeostasis. In particular, the extracellular matrix, which is the noncellular component of the microenvironment, influences cell growth, survival, migration and tissue-specific differentiation through a repertoire of cellular receptors including integrins, syndecans and discoidin receptors. We explore the molecular mechanisms whereby these extracellular matrix receptors modulate cell fate. Specifically, we are investigating how mechanical and topological properties of the matrix, which are related to its composition and organization, regulate the function of matrix receptors to alter cell behavior.

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Recent Publications

Rubashkin MG, Ou G, Weaver VM
Deconstructing Signaling in 3 Dimensions.
Biochemistry, Mar-20-2014; [Epub ahead of print].
Mouw JK, Yui Y, Damiano L, Bainer RO, Lakins JN, Acerbi I, Ou G, Wijekoon AC, Levental KR, Gilbert PM, Hwang ES, Chen YY, Weaver VM
Tissue mechanics modulate microRNA-dependent PTEN expression to regulate malignant progression.
Nature medicine, Mar-16-2014; [Epub ahead of print].
Maller O, Hansen KC, Lyons TR, Acerbi I, Weaver VM, Prekeris R, Tan AC, Schedin P
Collagen architecture in pregnancy-induced protection from breast cancer.
Journal of cell science, Sep-15-2013; 126Pt 18: 4108-10.  Epub 2013 Jul 10.
Pickup MW, Laklai H, Acerbi I, Owens P, Gorska AE, Chytil A, Aakre M, Weaver VM, Moses HL
Stromally Derived Lysyl Oxidase Promotes Metastasis of Transforming Growth Factor-β-Deficient Mouse Mammary Carcinomas.
Cancer research, Sep-01-2013; 7317: 5336-46.  Epub 2013 Aug 13.
Damiano L, Stewart KM, Cohet N, Mouw JK, Lakins JN, Debnath J, Reisman D, Nickerson JA, Imbalzano AN, Weaver VM
Oncogenic targeting of BRM drives malignancy through C/EBPβ-dependent induction of α5 integrin.
Oncogene, Jun-17-2013; [Epub ahead of print].
Maller O, DuFort CC, Weaver VM
YAP forces fibroblasts to feel the tension.
Nature cell biology, Jun-01-2013; 156: 570-2.
Tang Y, Rowe RG, Botvinick EL, Kurup A, Putnam AJ, Seiki M, Weaver VM, Keller ET, Goldstein S, Dai J, Begun D, Saunders T, Weiss SJ
MT1-MMP-dependent control of skeletal stem cell commitment via a β1-integrin/YAP/TAZ signaling axis.
Developmental cell, May-28-2013; 254: 402-16.  Epub 2013 May 16.
Li CR, Su JJ, Wang WY, Lee MT, Wang TY, Jiang KY, Li CF, Hsu JM, Chen CK, Chen M, Jiang SS, Weaver VM, Tsai KK
Molecular profiling of prostatic acinar morphogenesis identifies PDCD4 and KLF6 as tissue architecture-specific prognostic markers in prostate cancer.
The American journal of pathology, Feb-01-2013; 1822: 363-74.  Epub 2012 Dec 4.
, Agus DB, Alexander JF, Arap W, Ashili S, Aslan JE, Austin RH, Backman V, Bethel KJ, Bonneau R, Chen WC, Chen-Tanyolac C, Choi NC, Curley SA, Dallas M, Damania D, Davies PC, Decuzzi P, Dickinson L, Estevez-Salmeron L, Estrella V, Ferrari M, Fischbach C, Foo J, Fraley SI, Frantz C, Fuhrmann A, Gascard P, Gatenby RA, Geng Y, Gerecht S, Gillies RJ, Godin B, Grady WM, Greenfield A, Hemphill C, Hempstead BL, Hielscher A, Hillis WD, Holland EC, Ibrahim-Hashim A, Jacks T, Johnson RH, Joo A, Katz JE, Kelbauskas L, Kesselman C, King MR, Konstantopoulos K, Kraning-Rush CM, Kuhn P, Kung K, Kwee B, Lakins JN, Lambert G, Liao D, Licht JD, Liphardt JT, Liu L, Lloyd MC, Lyubimova A, Mallick P, Marko J, McCarty OJ, Meldrum DR, Michor F, Mumenthaler SM, Nandakumar V, O'Halloran TV, Oh S, Pasqualini R, Paszek MJ, Philips KG, Poultney CS, Rana K, Reinhart-King CA, Ros R, Semenza GL, Senechal P, Shuler ML, Srinivasan S, Staunton JR, Stypula Y, Subramanian H, Tlsty TD, Tormoen GW, Tseng Y, van Oudenaarden A, Verbridge SS, Wan JC, Weaver VM, Widom J, Will C, Wirtz D, Wojtkowiak J, Wu PH
A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells.
Scientific reports, 3: 1449.
Paszek MJ, DuFort CC, Rubashkin MG, Davidson MW, Thorn KS, Liphardt JT, Weaver VM
Scanning angle interference microscopy reveals cell dynamics at the nanoscale.
Nature methods, Aug-01-2012; [epublish] 98: 825-7.
Cassereau L, DuFort CC, Weaver VM
Morphogenesis: Laying down the tracks.
Nature materials, Jun-01-2012; [epublish] 116: 490-2.
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